We are CandyMustache.

We are a society of visual artists who produce video templates and toolkits.

"That's it?" you say?

If "it" is creating the best video templates and toolkits that will turn your video

into a contemporary masterpiece then yes! That's it!

However, there is more!

We are Videohive Elite Authors, we are chosen by thousands of video editors

from all over the world, we are in the business of creating innovative video

templates and toolkits for the past eight years and we are not showing any

signs of slowing down!

We are in tune with the contemporary trends in video, film, and animation,

and we dare to visualize our creativity into our work and at the same time,

create new trends.


Our artefacts are video templates and toolkits that are easy to use

and super easy on the eyes!

We are CandyMustache.

We are your helpers when it comes to building your story.

You have the ingredients; we have the secret magic sauce.

Too much, you say?


Check out our portfolio! Have a taste!

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