'80s style videos! Back to the Future!

Take a look around you. Not in your screen but around you! See what people are wearing! Funny packs, over-sized jean jackets, basketball and tennis sneakers, crop tops, high waist jeans, platform shoes, it's 80's all over the place! There are people who just love this vintage look and maybe some of your clients or some of the products that you are called to make a video about dictate such a style. Remember Kung Fury!

But what is an 80's style video? Can you just throw a LUT on, emulate the VHS look and you're done? Far from it if you want our opinion. You should start with a little research. After all it's been some decades since the 80's. Take a look at 80's video clips. Then watch some episodes of “Miami Vice”. Now you can start!


Using a certain LUT must be the finishing touch. Color grading must be close to the 80's color pallet. Pastel colors, pink, that kind of staff.


Titles must be fluo colored! With popular 80's fonts,take a look here:


Your soundtrack should be 80's electro or 80's rock! Depending on your subject matter.


Camera movement! What are you talking about? Keep you camera as stable as possible! These are the 80's we 're talking about! The subjects might moved like crazy but the camera tended to stay stable.


Let us not forget about the smoke! Anywhere you can add some smoke! If your projects allow you insert a huge fan too. They were super popular back in the day!

Our suggestion: Go for it! It will be fun! If your project can accommodate it go for it! After all we all love to produce videos that can go viral!

In a future blog post we'll talk about the 90's!

We''ll be there for you! (premature “Friends” reference!)