...AND ACTION! New Site! New blog!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Hello World!

Welcome to our brand new website! It was about time! So here we are!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are CandyMustache. We are a society of visual artists who create quality video toolkits and templates and in general help out people who are into

video editing, giving them the opportunity to produce their best video ever!

Boy, don't we love what we're doing!

We are so pumped to start a new chapter in our story!

With this blog, we will talk to you about

things that excite us, topics that made our heart pump faster, new ideas, news from the industry, tips, hacks, how to guides, and everything else that we find interesting.

Plus freebies! Everybody loves freebies!

We will give away some of our stuff because, well because we feel like it!

Pretty much that's it! Take a look around! If you don't like, let us know! Enough talk!

And now... Action!