Should you use faces in you ads? Face on or face off?

You have prepared your new ad campaign. It's innovative it's hot, it's new. Your boss asks you: “Why is there a face on this ad?” or “Where's the face in this ad?” What do you answer?

Actually there are valid points for both sides. Let's see what these are! (Should we use exclamation marks when we are expressing our own thoughts? Is it correct? That's another blog post friendos!)

We are looking for faces.

We are humans. At least most us! Nasty bots do not count! It comes naturally to us to look for faces or shapes that resemble faces. If you think about it, and we are pretty sure that you heard this before, our imagination create faces everywhere, for example inanimate objects become smileys. Things like the moon, a pancake, a car wheel, a cloud, they all can look to us like a face. It is the way that we are hardwired!

We feel familiarity with faces.

That's an easy one! We feel good when we see a face, a smiling face even better, because simply put we have one too! The feeling of familiarity is one of the cornerstones of marketing anything to anyone. When people smile at us we feel security. Check this on babies! Smile at them! They smile back! Human reflexes!


People pay attention to the face and not to the message.

A gorgeous woman smiling, or a handsome young man smiling. People will stop and stare, maybe, but they will pay attention to the beauty and not the message. Having the message being ignored, well, that's goodbye marketing campaign - hello waste of money.

Image alone does not incorporate all the information of the ad.

Unless you can indeed incorporate your message on the image of a face! Maybe some people can. Most marketing campaigns that use a face do have a title, but again rarely the whole message is incorporated.

Certain faces attract certain demographics, not all.

The kind of face that you have selected is of major importance. Obviously! Gender, race, age, pay important role. Certain faces will attract the gaze of certain people. A beautiful smiling Caucasian boy will attract a certain demographic not everybody. There is no universal type of face that anyone can identify with.

Well that's it! We would love to hear from you about this though! What's your experience?Drop us a line about it!