Storyboards! Plus free storyboarding solutions!

Show them what they want, what they really really want!

You got the brief from your client or your boss, the copy is ready, the creative team has described what they want you to create. You want everyone to be on the same page. This means only one thing: Storyboard! (We'll talk about animation references and even animatics and full previs another time!).

The use of storyboard is simple and elegant, no matter who is doing the drawings. It is not the quality of art that is the most important thing, in our opinion. What matters is for all parties involves to see what happens where and how in the script.

If you think about it the storyboard is the first visual incarnation of your video. Your script translated into frames. Each frame gives the information needed and at the same time your client and you are in accordance about the visual progression for the script.

Enough talk! If you are not using storyboards already, well you should! How much does it cost, you say? Well there are paid solutions but there are the free ones too!

Analog free solution: Pencil and paper

Good old fashioned method! Sketch simple drawings, you don't have to be Picasso! Again what's important is for the concerned parties to be on the same page!

Digital Free Solutions

Below we handpicked the software packages that we believe are the best for the job. Just click on their link and discover them!

Even if some of them there are not designed especially for storyboarding they are still very good for the job and completely free! Go on storyboarders! Show them what they will get with a few sketches!